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Bussom buddies by imaneggplant
Bussom buddies
Anyone whose watched all of gurren lagann would understand this scene.
i laughed so hard, i think boota is may favorite character in the series just for that scene.
Huntress by imaneggplant
i started to make this one when i was in a mall...eheh
was kinda funny having people stop every five minutes and just stare   Chinatsu stares Yui [V2] 

i was originally going to add color but i warmed up to the shaded look and now i dont want to add color...but im still curious on what it would look like with maybe ...eventually....knowing me that probably wont be done until next year eheh.
Finally back online... been a while hasnt it.
I looked at my gallery and wow...i have almost nothing left on here...
I have a lot of things to finish too.

Also since Ive been making great progress with my work im wondering what style I should focus on for a while.

Anyone have any preferences?
Miasaki by imaneggplant
Found my old rough character design sketch for miasaki.
not bad for only a few minutes.
Tenta-show by imaneggplant
Have no idea how i came up with this one...not the best of my hundreds of drawings but came to like this one.
just felt like drawing quick and full of nonsenseYuuki Smile Icon 
though i really should try and post the good ones, im going to try and post everything back in the gallery soon now that i have the time.

NO ITS NOT WHERE YA THINK ITS GOINGIcon - 282 Alison Icon - 280 Alison
But ill leave that all up to the viewer nya.
Hello again.
it appears that now after fixing the majority of my computer problems, i only have one left.
Cant believe this, a whole bunch of my pieces that i was able to recover went back into linework....thats all my systems can get... at least i have some completed work left and the rest are on paper so thats not too bad. 

Im gonna stop holding back and really finish my work...

ya dont have to answer this but i am curious.

what are some of your favorite drawing or painting styles or thymes i have made in the past.
Not much of my work is up now but plenty of you have seen what else i had posted in the past.
Was just curious.

Otherwise if any of you can help me with ideas i would appreciate that.

And i wont be taking requests for a bit until I finish the few i was doing already... AGAIN.


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Welcome to :iconadultanonymous:

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Thank you for sharing your nice work with us!Harley Blink Avitar 
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Hi there, hope your doing alright. I hope to see more art from you soon
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happy birthday alex
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Happy B-day^^
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Happy birthday!
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is that u alex?
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Thank you for the fav ^^
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you need to have your photography available to buy...I'd put it in my house as a big blow up picture but its not available!!!



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